Disulfiram is FDA maternity group C.


Antabuse is unlikely to induce any sort of negative effects, yet such light ones as mild drowsiness, skin breakout, acne breakouts, light hassles, puffy tongue, exhaustion, metal preference in the mouth or impotence are in some cases possible.

Disulfiram (Antabuse) is intended for the procedure of patients incapable to stop drinking.

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These effects may take place if you take Disulfiram and drink alcoholic beverages - and the quantity of alcohol you drink does not matter that much.

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It could enter breast milk, yet it is still not understood whether it can damage an unborn child.

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The tablets could be crushed and combineded with some mild, herbal tea, coffee, water, soft drink or fruit juice if you have difficulty ingesting it whole.

Prior to the medical professional suggests you this medicine make certain you caution your man regarding having thyroid illness, renal, liver or diabetic issues condition, psychological ailments, mental retardation, or any sort of seizure ailment.